How do I make inquiries regarding being mentored?
Make use of the Contact page and send an email with any questions.


Is there any charge for this service?
No, but you may make a donation to the ministry sponsoring it.


How often will I meet with a mentor?
That is determined by factors particular to your desires and circumstances.  They can be as frequent or infrequent as you like.


It is only one-on-one, or is there a possibility for groups to get together for discussion?
That would fall under the category of our Online Webinars.  These can be arranged but would be limited to 10 people so that it could truly be a discussion.


What if I don’t have Skype?  Are you willing to talk via phone?
Sure thing.  All methods of communication that allow for genuine interaction are acceptable.


Where can I find out more about you?
Visit my website at www.wordsfromandrea.com.