I have known Andrea for two years. I emailed her with a question after I heard her interviewed on a podcast. She responded very generously, inviting me to talk with her online and to participate in an online study group that she was leading. While I was hoping only for an email response, I received a personal conversation, a group of like-minded women to study with, and a mentor. I appreciate that she was willing to invest real thought and time into my life and to help me find the guidance I was looking for. My first questions to Andrea were all doctrinal and theological, but as I have seen her wisdom and wealth of life experience, I have come to value her insight into more personal and relational issues in my life. She has been a tremendous blessing to me and has helped me understand practical and gracious application of God’s law in modern day situations. I hope that I might one day be as wise a woman as Andrea so that I may encourage younger women in an equally profound way as she has done for me.

Emily J., Texas, USA

I have been privileged to be a disciple under the dedicated, thorough instruction and mentoring by Andrea Schwarz as we worked through The Institutes of Biblical Law by R.J. Rushdoony.

I have greatly benefited from these studies in that I am learning to question the source and foundation of my (and others’) statements, thinking and attitudes as to whether they line up with the Law-Word of God and Biblical precepts contained therein. I am less quick to make assumptions and judge matters according to deceived ‘Christian’, humanistic or worldly thinking.

I think that I am less impulsive and no longer draw on my own thinking but seek wisdom and guidance from continued study and application of His Law-Word. I am learning to respond to “all of” life’s challenges Biblically, and to be more articulate in giving an answer for the hope that is in me!

I am grateful for the gold that has been deposited in my heart!
Maryke W, South Africa


Andrea Schwartz has been such an inspiration to me over the last 3 years of mentoring. The wisdom and perspective that she brings is invaluable and as a mom of three that is just what I need. She brings such clarity to God’s written law in a delightfully practical way. I must say I look forward to every session.

Christie G, United Kingdom

I have been under the tutelage of Andrea for about a year now.  We have been working our way through RJ Rushdoony’s Institutes of Biblical Law Volume I. Through the questions that she poses, both in her outlines and in our conversations, she has helped me to dig deeper into the meaning of God’s word, both historically and presently.  I have been able to ask numerous questions and issues of her, and she has enabled me to be able to find the answers to them through her wise leading.  I look forward to each session, and really appreciate that she enables them to be when it is convenient for me.  In a day when it is very hard to come by, I feel very blessed to have the privilege of a wise woman’s guidance.  I feel much more able to rear our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Mary S, USA

Whether it is talking on the phone or chatting in person, Mrs. Andrea Schwartz’s passion for passing on a legacy of biblical womanhood always shines! Her listening ears and thoughtful comments have altogether enabled me to re-evaluate my worldview in the light of the Scripture. I enjoy sharing my thoughts with her and appreciate the efforts she has contributed in making my study of Rushdoony’s writings more rewarding. I am thankful to God for raising up devoted women, like Mrs. Schwartz, so that young women, such as me, could not only be blessed under their mentorship, but also become a blessing to others by valiantly pursuing our visions and purposes as daughters of the King.

Elena C., California, USA

As a home schooling mother of five, I often find it difficult to be involved in Bible studies that I can incorporate into my busy schedule. Studying alone is fine, but I miss the opportunity to ask questions, have discussion, and receive guidance from others. This is one of many reason I have been so grateful to Andrea for reaching out and offering herself as a mentor. Not only have I been able to dig deeper into the Word of God, but I am able to do it at a pace compatible with real life. Andrea’s thought provoking questions, and insightful instruction have helped give me the ability to look at all of life through the lens of scripture. We have had conversations on everything ranging from dietary laws to teaching math to kids! Even when I have had to set the study aside for a time, I have been able to read several of Andrea’s wonderful books that have spoken to my heart on so many levels as a home schooling mother. With Rushdoony’s Institutes and Andrea’s wise guidance, I have dug deeper into the Word of God than I ever thought possible. The most exciting part is it has helped prevent me from compartmentalizing faith into an abstract realm; and It has assisted me in giving guidance to my children that I pray will help facilitate a holistic life of faith.

Gloria H., Texas, USA


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